Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lake batts

Yesterday I was asked how I blend my batts, how I choose the colors. I try to tell the tale of my need for color. I simply think on a color and begin. To me a color is not just one single hue, rather a pool of hues. I have my pool of color spread across the table. I reach in and begin. I put bits of color on the carder and watch it blend. I paint the color on. I have been learning just how much or how little the addition of a "unususal" color will effect the batt and if I can feel it when I watch as I spin. Does it really matter if I add a piece of pink to the mix.... no. So far the learning and color blending continues. I am more aware of the color than the fiber when I am blending.

I just spun up two 4 ounce bobbins of Erica batts. They are blue, named after the lakes in my life. Blues and teals and greens and oranges, and browns and purples and tads of yellow and specks of white... make the lake batts. Layers of color give spinning depth and the process is intoxicating. Blending the color is one story, spinning another. Then comes the coming together of the plys and finally the rush of knitting. I have not knit up anything recently with manufactured yarn, I have had to use my yarn. Nothing else holds my attention.

I still need to spin some reds in the very near future. But next up is a rather brown merino to clean my palette.

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